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Being Male Should Never Be a Disadvantage

Protection, Support, Equality: For Men
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This community was created for the purpose of raising awareness of men's issues and providing a place to discuss, support, and advocate men's rights and the improvement of the quality of male life everywhere.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, men and women alike. No matter what your life experiences, feel free to come and share your story.

Any and all inappropriate bashing, ranting, and criticism is prohibited. Please stay polite, open-minded, and compassionate. Thank you.


male victims of rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse

male sufferers of mental illness

male rights and treatment in the justice system

male friendship

idea of masculinity

male sufferers of eating disorders, bullying, and emotional suppression

fatherhood and brotherhood

men in culture (art, literature, media, etc.)

men in the work force

men/boys in the education system

male prostitution

Sister Comm: male_friendship, a special comm devoted to male friendship!