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Being Male Should Never Be a Disadvantage
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The today's breaking news are:

An airman in Alaska has been sentenced to almost 10 years behind bars after being found guilty of trying to force his wife to miscarry by lacing her food with ulcer medication.

Boie was found not guilty of intentionally killing the unborn child, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

Ten years just for an attempt! Whereas a man is life sentenced, the women enjoy the freedom to choose whether to kill the embryo or give it a birth.

Why on the Earth the the right to abortion is the women's right? The child has two parents with equal responsibility (in some countries fathers even pay more on child taxes). It seriously influences the career of the parents. Why the decision whether to take this responsibility or not is made exclusively by only one party?

I think this is most discriminating inequality ever. This inequality also gives the women right to blackmail her partner.

PS! I posted a copy of this message to pro_choice, where it have been deleted as trolling and a comment that this is OK to sentence 10 years for attempting to poison a woman. Please revise the article; it clearly tells that he was sentenced not for poisoning a woman but for causing the miscarry. Furthermore, pro-choicers cannot even imagine that a poor man have no legal way to make his choice. Another comment was that it was not his but her embryo Indeed, we ignore the male. The last comment stated that a man can easily avoid becoming a father by just not participating in child's life. If it is so easy, I do not understand what additional options do "pro-choicers" demand? I conclude that  funnily even the pro-choicers go mad when a man start demanding equal rights to make choice.

9th-Jun-2006 06:34 pm(no subject)
Any stories here of the negative effects of female oppression against men? Or even domination of men? This is an issue I am curious about.
9th-Jun-2006 05:44 pm - "My Super Abusive Relationship"
So we have this movie coming out soon, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. (link here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0465624/ ). Basic premise: Man attemps to break up with woman. Woman is superhero. Woman proceeds to make man's life hell unless/until he gets back with her, doing things such as throwing a shark into his room and directly threatening his life if he tries to break it off permanently.

If this was the other way around--if this was Superman doing this to Lois Lane--think this could successfully be marketed as a comedy? No. NOW and about 8 billion abuse groups would scream and lobby against it, claiming it trivializes real abuse situations, and they'd be right. But because it's a guy cowering before a girl, it can be played for laughs.

At least, that's my take on it. Yours?
4th-May-2006 07:33 pm - Welcome
Welcome to the community!

Let's hope this will be a productive place. :)

Post away!
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